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I’ve loved books and reading even before I started school. More often than not, I had my nose buried in the pages of any book I could get my hands on. Although nowadays, I'm just as likely to do my reading on my iPad.
My first writing efforts were in junior high school--short stories that featured my friends and I and our favorite Beatle. Since I was the author, I always ended up with Paul. Even back then I loved a good romance.
I love writing a mixture of love, laughter and paranormal. I can’t help but throw in something a little weird, strange, or slightly off-center. And then finding the humor in it, but always ending up with “happily ever after.”


RWA Golden Heart Finalist!
4 Stars!
Spellbound in Seattle by Garthia Anderson

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Spellbound in Seattle

Spellbound as a wizard, enthralled as a man, Vorador vows to charm the woman of his dreams with the strongest magic of all---love. Amazon Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble Smashwords Smashwords


  Awards for
Spellbound In Seattle!

Winner!  Romance Writers Ink  Award ~ ~  Paranormal  Category.


Winner!  Wisconsin RWA's Write Touch Readers' Award ~ ~  Paranormal Category.

  Finalist!  The Daphne du Maurier Award Contest ~ ~ Paranormal Category.  
  Honorable Mention!   PEARL Contest ~ ~ Best Fantasy/Magical Novel    


  Praise for
Spellbound In Seattle!
  Fallen Angels Reviews  
  • "Garthia Anderson's Spellbound In Seattle is a marvelous mixture of magic, mystery and mayhem! Whilst Petra is a non-magical individual, she has an amazing ability to affect others' magic – detrimentally! Thanks to Vorador's affinity with fire, Petra also keeps setting Vorador alight whenever she speaks a 'flaming' curse. How many can you think of? All of the characters in this novel are fabulously and fully developed, even Medora who is mostly absent (she's in a coma) and the villain. There is a plot twist or two, and magic is interlaced throughout. The storyline is well thought and excellently paced, and engages the reader. You will not find yourself bored; just the opposite. You will keep reading; you won't be able to do anything but. Spellbound In Seattle is a fun, original read that is a must for any paranormal lover. Garthia Anderson has written a simply magical tale."---Elizabeth, Fallen Angel Reviews

  • "In this alternate-reality romance, magic and magical people are just part of the landscape. The odd-couple pairing of Petra and Vorador is fun, slightly off-beat and sexy. Keep your eyes on the talented Garthia Anderson!"---Romantic Times BOOKclub

  • "Garthia Anderson has written an enjoyable romantic urban fantasy that will appeal to fans of Rosemary Edgehill and Jody Lynn Nye. On an earth where magic works, readers will want to believe in the fantasy. The protagonists squabbles are a form of foreplay that add a piquant sense of humor to the story line. It is to be hoped that Ms. Anderson will write more stories in this fascinating universe."---Harriet Klausner

  • "In her first-published book, Ms. Anderson shows she has what it takes to engage and hold the reader's attention from page one to the end. Her characters and their stories are interesting, her dialogue is snappy, and her narrative style is fluid. So, readers of paranormal romance rejoice, there is a new and talented author in the genre."---Moni Draper for PNR Reviews


  • "I thoroughly enjoyed Garthia Anderson's foray into wizards and wizardry. There is so much more to this story. There are little ins and outs and subtle nuances that just had me rolling on the floor.  I sincerely hope she will give us more stories along this vein as I know I will be one of the first begging for them!"---Reviewed by Kathy Boswell for The Best Reviews


  • "SPELLBOUND IN SEATTLE is a fantastic romance . . . Debuting with a wonderfully created and well written story, Garthia Anderson has truly entered the world of romance with a bang. SPELLBOUND IN SEATTLE will enchant, bewitch and entrance readers with its in-depth characters and intriguing storyline. I highly recommend SPELLBOUND IN SEATTLE to all readers of romance."---Robin Peek for The Word On Romance




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